Company History

TRP Associates, LLC was formed in March 2011 to provide investigative, background, and risk mitigation solutions for law firms, the insurance industry, corporations, and the general public throughout the United States.

TRP Associates’ management team is comprised of seasoned security professionals with a wide range of corporate, investigative, and security experience gained through distinguished careers within the public and private sector. Through our network of business partners and associates, and via the applications of our unparalleled experience and expertise in government and corporate entities, we ensure that all of our clients receive services consistent with the highest professional and ethical standards of our industry. We provide decades of combined experience directing and conducting complex investigations, including those in support of litigation, employee misconduct, public and political corruption, white-collar crime, corporate wrongdoings, serious criminal cases, and complicated matters.

In December 2011, TRP Associates was awarded a much-coveted five-year fingerprint channeling contract from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) CJIS Division. As a result, we enjoy direct access to the FBI Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS). TRP Associates offers a comprehensive, managed service for fingerprint background checks and can deliver direct FBI fingerprint submissions to our clients nationwide.

In April 2012, TRP Associates purchased the rights to USA Mobile Drug Testing (USAMDT). USAMDT provides professional drug testing services on location and is the single-source testing solution for human resources and safety professionals, staffing firms, and any organization committed to maintaining a safe and secure workplace.

Our Drug Compliance program creates, implements, and executes strong drug-free workplace and safety programs that align with our clients’ specific requirements.

In May 2012, TRP Associates entered into a strategic business relationship with a national background screening company that provides innovative and common sense solutions for both the employment and residential in the forms of employment verification and criminal, civil, and credit history background checks.

  • Professionalism:

    TRP Associates will conduct business with candor and fairness. TRP Associates will be accountable for the accuracy of our factual findings and the truthfulness of our reporting. TRP Associates will treat all persons with respect and courtesy. We will manage all businesses within the letter and spirit of applicable state and federal laws and the provisions of the United States Constitution.

  • Integrity:

    TRP Associates will perform to the highest level of our technical expertise and experience to ensure that all our clients receive services of excellent quality. TRP Associates will provide a written accounting of all transactions. We will honor our commitment to provide quality work within agreed upon time frames, at the price quoted.

  • Confidentiality:

    TRP Associates will safeguard all confidential information and otherwise respect and preserve the privacy of our clients.