County Criminal

County Criminal Searches remain the most accurate source of reporting criminal records. TRP Associates researches potential criminal records for each applicant on a county-by-county basis as defined by the customer. Each county may charge an individual county access fee, which can vary greatly from county to county.

While county criminal searches that are not included in our national search remain manual, some of them are available on-line, while others are only accessible through court runners. A manual on-line search takes one of our verifiers 3-30 minutes. A manual runner search typically takes 24 hours, however, the manual runner process can take up to 72 hours.

TRP Associates utilizes many different court runners and court runner companies. This reduces costs and provides the customer with a quicker and more accurate result. We feel it is important to work with individuals who understand the complexities and operations of each court. That local and regional presence pays big dividends in speed, accuracy, and thoroughness. Other background screening companies will contract with one nationwide court runner company to simplify operations and reduce costs.

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