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Why Choose Us

Pre-Employment Screening

Tenant Screening

In 2012, TRP Associates began a 4-year process to expand our service model to include comprehensive online background checks.

This investment of time and resources did more than just uphold our commitment to always maintain the highest level of experience, expertise, and excellence.

Added to our suite of services, our Background Screening solutions guaranteed our ability to provide the kind of reliable, comprehensive, and cost-effective services our competitors can’t match!


Why Choose Us

Strategic Partnerships

TRP Associates successfully developed a strategic business partnership with a national background screening company.

  • We have integrated with over 50 different data providers nationwide
  • Resulting in the most efficient, timely, and comprehensive search available
+ Innovative Technology

This alliance of data providers is held together by innovative technology that

  • intuitively matches your requests for background information to the best possible data source(s).
  • maintains secure, encrypted digital security protocols to safeguard all personal information
  • provides simple client-based data entry solutions through our Easy E-Signature Quick Application process.
= A Superior Client Experience

Our Easy E-Signature Quick Application process guarantees

  • Secure personal portals for manual entry of demographic information and search criteria
  • Customized search parameters established at time of contract
  • Results returned in 24-48 hours

Our Services


TRP Associates provides an excellent customer experience  for government, tribal organizations, and private sector employees throughout the United States.

Our staff is happy to work with you to create a customized, targeted, nationwide search that will yield accurate, timely, reliable results.


We also offer special programs to meet the needs of

Pre-Employment Screening

We offer an innovative, common sense, fully customizable  pre-employment background screening process for corporations and small- to large-sized businesses 


Tenant Screening

Our resident screening system provides the multi-family housing industry with a complete management tool for screening prospective tenants. 


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