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Drug Screening Solutions

USDOT-Compliant Programs Available

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Our national network of mobile collection specialists will come to you, anywhere in the US



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Developing efficient, USDOT-compliant, drug-free environments with customized safety programs 


When TRP Associates decided to include drug screening services in 2012, we sought out an experienced  partner with proven expertise and a reputation for excellence.

USA Mobile Drug Testing is the single-source testing solution for companies and individuals like:

TRP Drug Services

Hiring Managers

Safety Professionals

Staffing Firms


Athletic Organizations


Nursing Homes

Day Care Centers

And any public or private organization looking to maintain a safe, drug-free environment

USA Mobile Represents

Availability for Testing

state nationwide coverage

Years Experience

Minutes needed per test

Through this partnership, we can help you design and implement safety programs that align with your specific requirements

How does the process work?

Our convenient mobile business model is safe, reliable, confidential and requires no travel time, no down time, and no loss of employee productivity.

Our mobile drug testing professionals come to your workplace to collect samples and relevant information

Samples are processed in our state-of-the-art labs. All testing and results are handled according to HIPAA rules and regulations

All test results are delivered promptly and handled in a confidential, respectful, and professional manner.

What types of testing are available?

Our experienced team of collection specialists can provide a range of drug testing and workplace safety services. Common services include (but are not limited to):

Pre/Ongoing Employment Testing

Random Drug Testing

DOT/Non-DOT Drug Testing

Hair Testing

Reasonable Suspicion Testing

Sports Testing

DNA Testing

Volunteer Testing

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