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A direct resource for advanced fingerprinting solutions



In 2011, TRP Associates secured an exclusive contract to serve as an Approved FBI Channeler.

Making us one of only a handful of companies authorized to transmit electronic fingerprint captures directly to the FBI’s Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS).


This exclusive database is primarily limited to law enforcement, judicial, and government officials.

But our status as an Approved FBI Channelr allows us to provide a bridge between private and public companies and this vital governmental resource.

How It Works

Our national network of fingerprint professionals and international partnerships with US consulates around the world make taking care of your fingerprinting needs as simple as 1-2-3!

1. Find a Location

To find an ink or Livescan digital fingerprint technician near you:

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Don’t have a location near you? No problem!


Simply  make an appointment to be fingerprinted at your local law enforcement agency.


2. Gather Required Documents

Successful processing of fingerprints requires 3 basic elements at the time of submission

  1. Two (2) forms of government-issued Identification
  2. *A completed copy of this required FBI Client Applicant form
  3. *Ink or digital fingerprint captures on FD258 Fingerprint Cards

*provided at all TRP fingerprint locations


Submitting your fingerprints by mail? PLEASE NOTE

Fingerprints cannot be processed without a completed copy of this required FBI Client Applicant form and photocopies of two (2) forms of government-issued identification




3. Capture and Submit Your Prints

If you are going to one of our fingerprinting locations, you will only need to bring two (2) forms of government-issued identification to your appointment. Your fingerprints will be taken at this time by a LiveScan technician and will be electronically submitted to the FBI.


If you had to make an appointment to be fingerprinted at your local law enforcement agency or a US Consulate, you can indicate that when you book your service via our Scheduler. After you indicate that you will be mailing your fingerprints and pay the related fees online, you need to mail the Fingerprint Card,  the completed FBI Client Applicant form, and 2 forms of government-issued identification to our corporate headquarters at:

601 Jefferson Boulevard

Warwick, RI 02886

Upon receiving the documents, we will promptly process your fingerprints.  For your convenience, your results will be sent via email.

Our Fingerprint Solutions

TRP Fingerprinting Services

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Fingerprint Submissions

Before Booking an Appointment, go to How It Works for important information about our processes and procedures

Our Advanced Fingerprinting Services

As an Approved FBI Channeler, we are authorized to transmit digital fingerprints directly to  the FBI.

Our advanced fingerprinting services follow a cost-effective, reliable, tested method for collecting and transmitting biometric and biographic data. Our global business model allows us to provide services for private citizens, businesses, and government agencies throughout the world.

We have bult our reputation on our ability to provide these services quickly, securely, and in compliance with all relevant procedures and regulations.

FBI Background Checks

As one of only a few FBI Channelers, we have a direct line to the FBI CJIS database over secure encrypted security transmissions.

Please Note: for the most efficient customer experience, be sure to read the following information on this advanced offering before booking an appointment!

How the process works
  • Have your fingerprints scanned

Click here to review the 3 simple steps to book a fingerprinting appointment 

  • Retrieve your completed report

Because we value your privacy, we have made it a priority to send the finished report directly to you while also taking every precaution to safeguard your results.

After your FBI Background Check has been processed:

  • You will receive an email notification with a link to a secure website.
  • For your security, this website uses a 2-part authentication process:
  1. Use your username and password to log in to this website
  2. Enter a 7-digit authentication code which will be sent to your mobile phone

If you are using a traditional landline or prefer not to receive texts, please follow the process to receive a phone call for the 7-digit authentication code:

  1. Provide your phone number as indicated.
  2. You’ll receive a call with the code you must use to retrieve your FBI report.
Who is eligible to receive an FBI Background Check?

FBI Background Checks are available for all US citizens. Applicants requesting an FBI Background Check must supply demographic information requested by the FBI when scheduling an appointment.

Why would I order an FBI Background Check?

A fingerprint background check is required for various reasons, including (but not limited to):

  • Update, correct, or challenge a record
  • Adopt a child
  • Obtain a Visa
  • Emploment or Lcensing
  • Legal Residency
How long does ti take to receive an FBI Background Check?

As an approved Channeler, we ahve special permission to transmit requests directly to the FBI’s Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS). With this access, coupled with our ability to have your results sent directly to you via our securely encrypted data transmission process, results are returned almost immediately.

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Fingerprint Captures

About Our Services

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We provide 2 basic options for capturing biometric data (aka fingerprints)

Ink fingerprint Cards

FD258 Fingerprint Cards are available at any of our nationwide locations.

Remember to bring two (2) forms of government issued  identification to your appointment


Livescan Digital Fingerprinting

Digital fingerprints are scanned and transmitted using the latest Livescan technology

A fingerprint background check is required for the following reasons

An Up-To-Date Record

To make sure your FBI record is complete, accurate and up-to-date.

Correct a Record

To review or to request a correction or update

Challenge a Record

To challenge information on your record

Adopt a Child

Adopting a child from a foreign country

Visa to live, work, or travel abroad

To satisfy a requirement to live or work in a foreign country, or to satisfy a requirement to travel to a foreign country

Before you schedule an appointment

Please Note

Eligibility Requirements

An FBI-approved Channeler may only process requests for an individual who is a citizen or a lawful permanent resident of the U.S.

A lawful permanent resident is any person not a citizen of the U.S. who is residing in the U.S. under legally recognized and lawfully recorded permanent residence as an immigrant (also known as “Permanent Resident Alien,” “Resident Alien Permit Holder,” and “Green Card Holder”).

Employment & Licensing Regulations

An Approved FBI Channeler cannot process a request for employment and/or licensing purposes within the United States.

This type of request should be coordinated with the appropriate state identification bureau (or state police) for the correct procedures.

Fingerprinting FAQs

For your convenience, we’ve provided answers to a few of the most commonly asked questions about fingerprinting.

FBI Channeler Partnership Opportunities

A secure, cost-effective growth strategy for like-minded business owners

Personal Identity Verification is a rapidly expanding field. To increase our superior level of service for our applicants, we are excited to offer our clients a superior service through ID Solutions Fingerprinting.

 Why Choose Us?

TRP Associates is a trusted partner of the Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI) CJIS Division. We provide the most professional, confidential identity related, fingerprint-based background check solutions nationwide.

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We’re looking to partner with like-minded individuals and companies that put security and professionalism at a premium. ID Solutions Fingerprinting powered by TRP Associates is committed to performing only the most comprehensive services in the identity security industry.